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Health and care professionals undertake a range of roles in clinical research. Whether they're leading research in their field of interest, a co-applicant or principal investigator for studies, advising sponsors or sites about the shape and feasibility of their research or taking a leading and essential role in recruitment and delivery of studies - every role and every professional is important.

Health and care professionals have a pivotal role to play in promoting participation in clinical trials to patients and the public.


The response to COVID-19 has showcased the clear link between research and better outcomes for individuals and the WHI. Seizing this momentum, the strategy looks to the future of clinical research as the single most important way in which we improve our healthcare – by identifying the best means to prevent, diagnose and treat conditions. It aims to bolster delivery of innovative research across all phases and all conditions, right across the Turkey.

There are five main themes:

  • Clinical Delivery Embedded in the WHI

  • Patient Centred Research

  • Streamlined, efficient and innovative clinical research

  • Research delivery enabled by data and digital tools

  • A sustainable and supported research delivery workforce

There are seven main actions:

  • Improving the speed and efficiency of study set-up

  • Building upon digital platforms to deliver clinical research

  • Increasing the use of innovative research designs

  • Aligning our research programmes and processes with the needs of the Turkey's health and care systems

  • Improving visibility and making research matter to the WHI

  • Making research more diverse and more relevant to the whole Turkey

  • Strengthening public, patient and service user involvement in research

The research engagement case studies showcase examples of best practice initiatives for engaging staff in WHI care settings to develop a research active culture. This selection of case studies have been categorised into five themes:

  • Generating a research culture

  • Research for patient benefit

  • Embedding research into clinical care

  • Becoming a research active clinician

  • A shift in the research landscape

Research for patient benefit

Patients and the public are at the centre of everything we do. The resources below demonstrate just how important public involvement is at all stages of the research journey.

A shift in the research landscape

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a new surge in interest in research, both within the WHI and in the public. Many frontline research delivery staff in various healthcare settings have worked hard to harness this new level of research engagement in their local organisations.


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