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Maximise reach and engagement for your brand with World Health Institute events




The World Health Institute team develop and deliver training and conferences that span basic research, cutting-edge issues in healthcare.

Why Support a Conference?

Partnering your business with a scientific conference is the key to gaining access to the notoriously challenging world of research and innovation. Reaching busy scientists and healthcare professionals to form engaging relationships is almost impossible unless you are directly involved in the live interactions taking place within this fast-paced field.

Partnering with a scientific conferences programme offers a unique opportunity to place your business at the centre of these interactions within multidisciplinary scientific, academic and research communities.

Interact with prospects

Showcase a service or product


Our conference programme brings together scientific communities from a wide variety research and clinical backgrounds, including healthcare professionals working at the frontline of healthcare.


Sponsors at our events have the opportunity for networking with leading scientists and clinicians, to both increase brand awareness and develop collaborations with an international audience.

Network with global field experts, professional colleagues, decision makers, and high-profile speakers and thought-leaders.


To target rich environments containing established researchers and clinicians, as well as rising members of diverse genomics and biomedical communities. Interact in the comfort zone of many influential decision makers; making it easier to approach, connect, and start conversations.

Establish its authority

Boost brand visibility


To your business goals and objectives to ensure that you receive the best value proposition and exposure in exchange for your support.


Be associated with the latest scientific hot-topics and research before anyone else. Align your brand with pioneering scientific advancement.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our events programme is designed around research directly linked to the impact on global human health; in supporting one of our conferences you are also supporting wider global initiatives.

All funds are invested straight back into our diverse scientific programme, supporting the careers of current and future scientific experts.

For Sponsors & Exhibitors


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